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Water park

Join a swirling adventure in the Water park! Here are pools that suit everyone in the family - small and large.
Our attractions invite all visitors to breathtaking experiences and butterflies in their stomachs. Popular and cool Tjurfallet is for the most brave - a 120 meter long swirling water slide.

The worm and the Bubble

The water slide The Worm offers speed and excitement and is a good challenge for the smaller children.
The Bubble is an island in the shallow part of the pool. Let climbing children fight their way up to the top and then slide down into the water. It's bubbling fun!

Of course, our pools are heated. Even adults throw themselves into the pools with pleasure.

In the middle is SunIsalnd - an oasis for relaxation with a feel of southern latitudes. Sink into a sunchair and enjoy the summer. Here, parents can relax while watching the children.


The Adventure pool

Do you feel like playing Tarzan and swinging in a rope then we have one here in the adventure pool. Just stretch your muscles and swing out over the clear blue water. When you let go, you plummet straight into the pool.

For our younger guests, the area is a paradise for splashing and playing. In the shallower part where the Duck, the Bubble and the Worm are located, the depth is only 35 centimeters.

The Duck: A small water slide in the shape of a duck which is very popular with the younger children. It is easy to get up and it is easy to slide down into the warm water. And best of all is that two friends can go and laugh together.

BadlandetThe Bubble: Invites climbing children to a lot of fun.
The bubble is one meter high and is found in the shallow part. It is an inflated island, a large bouncy pillow, which is just lying there waiting for all the children who want to climb to the top and then slide down into the water.

The Worm: The 25 meter long water slide is very gentle. A winding challenge for the younger children who offers both speed and excitement.


Tjurfallet (The Bull Run)

Get ready for the summer's coolest experience! Tjurfallet is a 120 meter long water slide where you and your friend go down in a slippery inflated ring. A breathtaking ride for the most brave. If you like high speed and want to feel butterflies in the stomach then Tjurfallet is absolutely something for you.

Tjurfallet is popular for both children and adults. Squeeze yourself in the ring with someone from the family and be prepared for it to go lightning fast. The heart will hit a few extra strokes and most scream in horror on the way down. Don't hesitate but just throw yourself down. And prepare for a wonderful fun experience.

Come here and try!


The Giant Slide

It is fun and exciting to go in our water slides. The cool thing about the Giant Slide that a whole bunch can go at the same time because it is so wide. But don't forget to grab each other's hands because here it goes away. Go with your friends or gather the whole family and laugh and have fun together. And why not race to see who gets into the water first.

Ready, Get set, gooooo!



Lilla Rapids

It goes pretty slowl and is very nice. But try to make the young ones stop, if they ever give up. They go, laugh with the entire face and go up again. Time after time.

A favorite among the little kids!

Pool River

Here it is nice to just sit comfortably in the ring and follow the water stream ahead on a relaxing trip. Or you can take some real swims and get the speed up properly. But watch out! There is a milk jug that will surprise you when you least expect it. Right as it is, it taps over and pours cold water on the person who happens to be under. Badlandet

Vild Rapids

A fast-paced water slide where you sit on a ring that goes away along the rapids. It swings and spins and is fun. Try the double ring and ride with a friend. Here it really goes away!

Sun Island

It is fun to be a child at Barnensgård. But it is also a wonderful experience for all adults. In the Waterland is Sun Island - a nice oasis for relaxation with a feel of southern latitudes. Sit down in a sunchair and relax for a while. Enjoy the summer and children's play and noise. When you get hungry it is close to both food, drink and cooling ice cream.

A visit to Barnensgård is a memorable experience for the whole family!