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Barnensgård should be playful, fun and mischievous, but it is also important for us that it should be safe, secure and relaxing. We want you to keep an eye your wonderful kids. If you read the EU directives dealing with amusement parks, it is said that you as adults have a supervisory responsibility.




Use swimwear.
Use underwear but not when bathing.
Use floating aid if your child needs it.
Always shower before bathing.
Keep your wonderful kids under surveillance.
Please let the phone rest.
No dogs. No cyclop.


You can bring dogs in the playground but not in the water park and it must not pass through the restaurant. If so we will have problems with Environment and Health. Tell us if you have a dog then we will open another entrance for it. Of course, the dog must be on a leash and we assume that you who have a dog take into account that some people are afraid of dogs. We also do not wantyou to use a snorkel with us because it makes the pool guards work more difficult. For safety reasons, it is therefore prohibited.


When you go in our water slides that require an inflated ring, it is important that you follow our rules. Always use the inflated ring. Sit in the ring and hold the handles. If you fall out of the ring: Slide down. Don't stop. NEVER stand up. Do not go more than two in a double ring. Big children: Go one in single ring and two in double ring.






90% of the injuries we have at Barnensgård is that children are straining their ancles as they jump from one trampoline to another and misjudge the distance and land on the wooden bridges between the trampolines. Therefore, this is prohibited.

It is also important to make sure that you are not under anybody who climbs on the climbing track. Not so fun getting a friend in the head!

We also work with safety

We work with safety in different ways. Among other things, we train all staff in CPR and we have a heart starter in the area.