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Food and Snacks

A full day at Barnens Gård is an adventure filled with cheerful pranks, play and jumping around. In order to keep up the pace, it is important to take a break for food and drinks.

Here you will find both a family restaurant and a ice cream kiosk with child-friendly menus. This year there will be more home cooking on the menu; meatballs, "Falu" sausage, snitzel and fried fish. Our popular pizza, kebab and burgers are of course still around!

If you bring your own food, you are welcome to the picnic barn where there are benches, tables and the opportunity to barbeque. Or why not just sit down on a blanket in the green grass and enjoy a delicious meal with the family.

We do our best to offer food that suits everyone; allergic, meat lovers, vegetarians, GI lovers, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, milk protein sensitive ... All of our dishes' ingredients are put together in a folder where the parents themselves can read and decide which menu suits them best.

Family restaurant

After the children play and swim, they need new energy. At Barnens Gård there is a nice restaurant where you can choose to sit under the roof or out in the sun.

This year we will have a more luxurious hamburger and a salmon burger on the menu. We will also offer bacon and cheese as an option. Otherwise, we mix fast food and home-cooked and of course our popular "make your own pizza buffet". Please try our new salad buffet, take a simple toast or cheese gratinated nachos. Yummy!


Make your own pizza!

One of our most popular dishes is make your own pizza! It's fun for both adults and children to be a pizza baker for a day.

Choose exactly what you want on your pizza from our accessory buffet. Place the ingredients on our handmade organic prepared pizza doughs. Put the pizza in our small pizza oven with the stone bottom. Wait 4-5 minutes and voalá-your pizza is ready!

We also have gluten-free prepared pizza doughs.



Sometimes you just need a snack. Of course, we will deal with Sweden's best habits - "fika". It will be a mixture of delicious home-made and selected goodies. We also offer sausage with bread, toast with cheese and ham, nachos with gratinated cheese. Or why not do as our teenagers? Take a plate of french fries and pour some good kebab sauce all over. Yum!

Candy Corner
Do not miss the Candy Corner at the entrance. Here are crunchy lollipops, long strings, jelly stuff, super-sweet and super-salty, tattoos and all other wonderful sweets that adults do not understand at all.

The maids ice-cream and snacks
In the pool area there is a ice-cream kiosk which is open during high season. There are lots of goodies such as ice cream, waffles, snacks, slush and sweets. If you want something more food like, there are pizzas and toast.

Picnic Barn
You are welcome to bring your own lunch bag to Barnensgård. In the open picnic barn there are tables and benches where you can sit and eat. Or why not just sit down on a blanket in the green grass and enjoy a delicious meal with the family. Feel free to use the barbeque but do not forget to bring the charcoal, ignition fluid and matches.


Mmmmmm Ice-cream!

Few things are better than an ice-cream in the summer!
At Barnensgård we have chosen to cooperate with SIA-Glass from Halland. SIA uses only the highest quality raw materials and preferably chooses products from nature's own pantry: milk, berries, nuts, chocolate and oats. But most importantly: SIA makes its ice cream on real cream and their refreshing sorbet is completely free of milk and fat. There is a difference between soft ice cream and soft ice cream. We have chosen to use Sia's most extreme soft ice-cream - made from genuine cream for a soft ice cream to Barnensgård to be a pleasure!

Kids love toppings so we have a well stocked topping buffet to choose from so you can have your ice cream just like you want it!

Don't miss out on trying the least.
An ice-cream that is brand new in Sweden but which has been around for a long time in, for example, the United States. It is available in delicious new flavors such as cookie dough, banana split and sugar candy as well as classic chocolate and strawberry.



Allergy och intolerance

We have many options on both ice cream, sweets and food and drinks. We want everyone to feel welcome and be able to eat with us. At Barnensgård there is a folder with all the ingredients that are included in our various dishes where allergens are clearly marked. Ask us and we will show you.

Please tell us in advance if you want gluten-free hamburger bread or sausage bread, so we can prepare that for you.

Vegan or vegetarian
Are you a vegetarian or vegan? No problem, we have a large selection for you. Ask us and we will show you which vegan and vegetarian options we have. For example, make your own pizza, vegan nuggets, burgers of various kinds and sausages. We have our own fryer where we only cook vegan food.