Barnensgård Logotyp


The playground at Barnens Gård is a paradise for children who like speed and fun. Here it is up and down and down and up that apply. From morning to night.

In Leklandet there are fun things to find for both big and small children. For anyone who loves to jump and play, there are many trampolines to bounce on. We also have a huge big bouncy castle which is very popular.

Take a seat behind the wheel of our electric cars and drive a turn. Get best at throwing eggs or challenging a friend in pillow war. The combine harvester, which is a climbing frame with many subtleties, is perfect for play and cheerful pranks.



The absolute hottest in the entertainment industry is various types of entertainment based on VR technology. Clearly the Barnensgård should also be in on the very latest. That's why this year's novelty is a VR room where you can play and compete with or against each other.



Make fine sand paintings with us. A fun piece of work and something nice to take home. Take care of the princess in the sand castle and make your own painting!



In the past, on the Swedish farmhouses, the boys often wanted to play, compete and measure their strength against each other. The one who was strongest won.

Here at Barnens Gård we have the boys camp. Challenge Mom in a pillow war on a boom. Check who is the most daring when it comes to throwing eggs and who is the fastest at hammering in a nail. Or gather some children and overturn the father in a tug of war. Everything can happen in Drängkampen. Try! It's great fun!

Åka Hölass

Take a ride in the hay wagon

Several times a day, the farmer jumps up into the tractor and drives a hay wagon full of kids and parents out to the cows and calves in the pasture. There, the great but gentle bull Aramis rests. He loves to lie in the sun and smell the flowers. And the cows think he is soooo fancy.

Join us when the hay wagon drives out into the pasture - a lovely ride in an idyllic Swedish summer landscape. A cozy experience that gives everyone a nice break.

This is country life!



A paradise for all playful children. Here they can bounce and jump as much as they want.

Take the plunge and jump. All that is needed to get high up in the air is a pair of strong legs. The trampolines are large, plentiful and very popular with both children and adults.



The climbing track with logs and ropes is a fun challenge for both young and old. Some exercises are easier while others can be really tricky. Try to balance, climb and swing your way through the ropes.
Fortunately, you land in a large and soft mattress if you fall down.

The climbing track has seven exercises at one meter height and ten exercises at two meters height. Flex your muscles and get focused.
Don't touch the ground game starts NOW!


The Labyrinth

At Barnens Gård you can get lostin one of our labyrinths. Right left, left, right or what was it again?

The little maze is a fun game for the smaller kids. In the middle of the labyrinth is a clock that sounds so nice when you reach the center. Then you have to find your way out again!

The large maze is a real jumble with corridors and dead ends. With its impressive dimensions of 22 x 23 meters, it is a real challenge for the older children. Whoever first finds the clock in the middle of the maze can hear its sweet ring. But don't forget - it's as long way find yor way out again!



Here at Barnens Gård, all children can drive and honk on their own ability. Just take a seat behind the wheel of our electric cars and embark on new exciting adventures. Some tweaking is required. The tractor must be refueled, but the driver can handle that without any problems.

Here is a lot to do. Vegetables should be run on trailers and they should be refueled and cleaned.

A farmer must get supplies and the milk car will come to collect the milk. Here we drive with a trailer and you even have to drive straight through a house.

This course in farmhouse environment is intended for the younger children. Here, the pace is a bit slower even if it is noicy and fun. Here we drive the tractor without a trailer so that we do not get tangled in each other. Sit behind the wheel, push the gas, reverse and swing out. To drive the Barnensgårds cool tractors and trucks, the child should be at least 90 centimeters tall.

Let's go!


The courtyard

This is not an ordinary climbing attraction. No, this is a great and magical combine harvester with many fun whims. Go down the bustling slides, climb up, climb down, hide, find your buddy, sswing in the boat swings and dig deep ditches with the excavators. Here you can play for a long time and you will always find new exciting things to do with your friends.


The privy!

Throw pee and poo, is that really OK??

Yesss! At Barnensgård's privy, you actually should!!

Come in and greet the farmer and the boy and hear them tell stories from farmlife in Blekinge. Choose which place in Blekinge they should be from and from which century. While they tell their stories, it is free to throw pee and poo at the privy holes and you get points if you hit. After the farmers stories end, you see who is the winner. Then just start over again and again!