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Before your visit

Here we have gathered some information about things that can be good to know before the visit.

We have a great FREE parking. Drive quietly and carefully!

Available to rent at the entrance for 40 SEK, please come early because the carts some days are not enough for everyone.

Food in the family restaurant
This year we have invested in the favorites in fast food and home cooking. We have a large juice / soft drink buffet and our own super-delicious cider. We have alternatives if someone in the family is food allergic, ask to borrow the folder with content and allergen list. If you eat vegan or vegetarian, we have many options. Ask us and you will get our vegetarian menu.

Barbecue charcoal and ignition fluid
If you want to use the barbeque, bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid yourself or buy from us.

Pony rides
Barnensgård offers pony rides every day. The pony ride costs SEK 40 and is paid in one of our cash registers.

Dogs are welcome at Barnensgård but cannot be included in the Family Restaurant, on the patio and in the Waterland. Say at the entrance when you come, we open the gate from the outside.

We have heart starters in the area and all our employees receive training in CPR. Talk to the children about how we want it and how the animals want it before you come so we are helped to avoid accidents!

The disabled parking is located ten meters from the main entrance.

We have automatic sliding doors with a width of 120 centimeters.

Most of the area consists of ground tiles. Some slopes occur.

At the pool area there is a disabled toilet with armrests. Disabled toilet is also available in the main building.

Food service
Ramp to the Family Restaurant in the main building. In beautiful weather, Lillpigan, the outdoor dining in Vattenlandet, is also open.

In most places you can get around by wheelchair and pram.
Barnensgård is a disabled-friendly facility. If you need help with anything or if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Telephone: +46 455 155 55

If there is an accident in the pool!?
Sometimes it happens that poop comes in the pool! This means that we must urgently ask everyone to leave the pool so that we can clean it up. Depending on the size of the pool, this can take between a few hours up to a day, and this is not fun for anyone who cannot continue swimming.

For that reason, we ask you to take your younger children well-fitting swimwear or bathing diaper so that we avoid these mishaps.

Can you bring a dog?
Yes, but it must not be in the water park or in the restaurant.

Why do adults have to pay?
We need money to be able to run and develop Barnensgård. If adults were to go in for free, we would unfortunately have to pay twice as much for the children. We think this is unfair for single people and families with many children.

Is it true that adults go free for the last two hours?
Yeah, yeah, that's correct!

Why should you enter Lösen Lyckeby on the GPS?
Sometimes it is the GPS that chooses to show the way to our office inside central Karlskrona, and there the children would get tired quite quickly! :-)

What is included in any food and drink?
Choose what you want from our menu and choose an optional drink.

What does optional ice cream mean?
Choose which ice cream you want: soft ice cream, ice-cream in a bowl, in a cone or on a stick. You can also choose a Minimelt.

Welcome to Barnensgård.