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Linnea at Barnens Gård

When your parentsjob i Barnens Gård, it is clear that you have a good look at what is happening on the farm. Follow Linnea when she gives you a tour of Barnens Gård.

Joel and Linnea at Barnens Gård

Joel works at Barnens Gård and but also has time to play with his younger sister Linnea.

The Rydell familyat Barnens Gård

The Rydell family has a seasonal card at Barnens Gård. This means that they can come to us whenever they want throughout the summer. Join them on one of all their lovely summer days with us.

Ramona and Amadeus at Barnens Gård

Ramona is one of our season card moms. She loves to hang out with us and check out when her son Amadeus has fun with his friends.

Children's vacation in Blekinge!

There are plenty to do for families with children in Blekinge! We followed Kasper, Linn, Eloise and their mother Marina during some fantastic holiday days in the summer of 2018 when they visited the Naval Museum, Barnensgård, Bollspelsgolf, Dragsö Camping, Eriksberg and Mörrum's Kronolax fishing. Experiences beyond the ordinary.

Do you want to vacation just like the Elofsson family?

Order a "Holiday Package" for the whole family and do as the Elofsson family. Package price for all activities: 3.500 SEK.

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