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On farms, of course, there are animals. Therefore, the animals have an important role here at Barnens Gård. Here, the children are welcome among goats, chickens, rabbits and pigs. Since there is still a lot to do in at the farm, it is always welcome with a few extra hands. Try on farm life and help the animal keepers feed and take care of our cute little animals.

Do you want a cozy experience of what life in the country can offer, then take a trip with the hay wagon. Take a ride to the pasture where the cows, the newborn calves and the nice bull Daddy go and graze.

The farmer runs several trips each day, and the hay wagon ride always ends with a "farmers turn" which causes the children to laugh out loud.


The small animals

Our small animals are used to children. The chickens are fun and the pigs are digging, bending and turning up and down the entire garden. The rabbits are soft, cuddly.

Take the opportunity to cuddle with our two little cute mini- pigs; Mina and Piggelina! They love to get scratched on their stomachs.

You are welcome to go in to the animals and pat them. Take the chance and try on farm life and help the animal keepers feed and care for the little animals.

It is fun and the animals are so happy.


Goats and their kids

The goats with their little cute kids are very popular. They like when the children are playing and joking with them. But they can be mischievous too and then it may happen that a little kid buffs on your legs to play tough.
Small and mischievous but super cute!

Gulliga djur

The Cows

Several times a day, the farmer jumps into the tractor and drives a hay wagon full of children and parents out to the cows in the pasture. There, the great but gentle bull Aramis rests. He loves to lie in the sun and smell the flowers. And the cows think he is soooo fancy.

Join us when the hay wagon drives out to the pasture - a lovely trip in an idyllic and summery Blekinge.

This is country life!

Rida häst

Pony Rides

At least once a day throughout the season, children can take a ride on one of our cute pony horses. Equipped with helmet and vest, feel how wonderful it is to look at the world from a saddle. Throughout the tour there is a caretaker who accompaniese horse and the rider. Don't forget to pat the horse properly after the tour. It costs 40 SEK for a ride.

Here's how we want it in our home!


Thank you for showing us respect.
Welcome to visit us in our home. We think it's really nice to be cared for and cuddled by you. We like when you sit down and speak soft and low. We are a little shy sometimes and then we like if you sit down and let us come to you. We do it finally because we are more curious than shy.

The worst thing we know is if you scream or run after us. And if you see someone who is nasty to us or if it is something else that makes us not feel good, you have to find someone who works at Barnens Gård and tell them as soon as possible! You see that someone is working here on the their a name tag and blue shirts.