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We work to make the Children's Farm Corona safe. Read more about our measures and rules here on the website. At the bottom there is also a FAQ. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or 0455-155 55

Here you can see how many guests we have at Barnens Gård right now:

Here are our rules. Read on them and go through your company before you come. Thank you for respecting our rules!

Keep distance.
Our most important rule is that we at Barnens Gård keep a cow's width = 1.9 meters distance to all other guests. That is, other societies. Your company may be close to each other. This is an absolute requirement for us to visit and applies to both children and adults. You as an adult have supervisory responsibilities and must ensure that the children you are responsible for adhere to the rules.

Have good hand hygiene.
Wash or splash your hands between each activity. There are wash basins for hand washing and hand-held containers throughout the park. Our Corona fuses also have hand rims in their belts.

Stay home if you're sick.
Don't come here if you or someone in your area is sick. Even mild cold symptoms are a reason to stay at home. Apply the precautionary principle. After at least 2 symptom-free days you are warmly welcomed again.

Go home if you get sick.
Do you or anyone in your company feel sick during the day? Contact our staff and leave Barnens Gård. Apply the precautionary principle. After at least 2 symptom-free days you are warmly welcomed again.

Order food and ice cream via our free ordering system.
QR_CodeDo download the WEIQ app even before your visit. Scan the QR code here or search for the one where you download apps.


Here is a more detailed instruction on how to order food and ice cream from us:

QR_KodDownload the app. Order and pay on the mobile. Allow push notifications. Come up to the Food Delivery when you get a note. Salad and accessories are available at the Accessory Buffet.

Fill in the note you got in the entrance and leave in the door on the porch. Get a puck. Come up to the Food Handout inside when the puck is flashing. Salad and accessories are available at the Accessory Buffet.

Order and pay at checkout. Get a puck. Come up to the Food Release when the puck is flashing. Salad and accessories are available at the Accessory Buffet.

Order and pay on the mobile. Allow push notifications. Come up to the bucket glass box when you get a note. Choose flavors and sprinkles in place

Order at checkout

Order and pay at checkout.

Select Little Pig's ice cream kiosk in the app. Order also
pay on the mobile. Allow push notifications. Come to the ice cream parlor when you receive a note. Choose flavors and sprinkles on site.

Order at checkout

Order and pay at checkout.

Can you pre-order entrance to be sure to enter?
No, not at this time. Maybe we will introduce this measure later if we see that it is needed.

We have a bit to go and are wondering if it makes any sense to give up on the trip and then not get in when you are there?
We do not yet know how many we can take. We will do ongoing risk analyzes in the future, but for the time being there is no risk that we will close. Above you can see in real time how many guests we have inside.

Will you have extra staff who now clean in coronation times?
DisinfectionWe will have 12 employees who will only work with corona protection: ensure that people keep distance, disinfect, and call for hand washing etc. All employees will also have undergone corona cleaning training.

We have heard about restrictions on amusement parks. Does that apply to you?
The restrictions on amusement that came at the end of June do not include us. This applies only to amusement parks that have rides. Here it is important to follow our rules so that everyone stays distant and not crowded.

What if I or someone from my company does not follow the rules you set up?
Persons who do not follow our rules will receive a warning from our staff and if the warning does not follow you will be rejected from the park without the right to get the entrance fee back.

What do I do if I notice that someone in the park does not follow our rules?
Notify our staff immediately. Thank you for taking responsibility.

Is there anything more we can do than follow your rules?

Most start in the playland and animals and then go to the water park. Do the opposite. Most eat at 12 o'clock. Spread your lunch between 11 and 15. Choose another activity first if you suspect the risk of congestion.


We work all the time to make sure you can feel safe with us. All our employees have received Corona training and are observant that our rules are followed.

Specially trained Corona fuses.


We have 12 young people employed who only work to secure the plant. They go through our rules with all the guests, offer hand spirit and work on surface disinfecting roof surfaces. They also temporarily shut down parts of the park if they suspect a risk of congestion.

Adjustments to avoid crowding around the food.

We have customized our menu to create a faster flow around the accessory buffer. Unfortunately, this means that our popular "make your own pizza", any salad and taco plate is not on the menu this year.

We have made two similar salad buffets with a new output to improve flow and reduce the risk of congestion. There are boundaries on the floor and two marked waiting areas where you wait to get to the salad buffet. Only one party at a time per salad buffet.

We closed the entrance through the restaurant between 11:30 and 14:30 and instead opened a new entrance box for entry and exit into the park further west.

We have furnished both the veranda under the roof and the sun porch to create more space between the companies.

We have created a web-based system for ordering food and ice cream and fixed an order on paper for all all-inclusive and benefit guests. Read more in detail about how to order food and ice cream with us this year here.

We have floor markings to help keep distance.

We have controlled both the queue and the wait in the restaurant.

We have moved the cash registers in the room to get the best possible flow.

This year we have chosen to buy disposable packages of ketchup, mustard, dressings and strawberry jam for the pancakes. We know this is not environmentally correct and we will not continue with this after Corona. This is an option and some of them cost extra. Most accessories are available for free at the accessory buffet as usual if you prefer.



Adaptations to avoid congestion in the entrances.

We have built a queue system outside to be able to queue at a safe distance. We have also built a new entrance hall with two checkouts further west, which is used when needed.

Adaptations of activities to prevent congestion.

The cow breed is set and the animal feed is only done with the children who are nearby when the animals are fed. The new activities with the Canine horse race and make your own canine horse are designed to avoid congestion. The sand painting is adapted with a maximum of 3 children and one adult at a time and there are special adaptations in the queue at the Pony Riding.

Adaptations of the Hope Castle area to prevent congestion.

Den nya Grodborgen

This sweet frog is new for this year and part of the adjustments we have made in the hop castle area. We have set up two new bouncy castles where instead of going in and jumping climb one side and come out the other. This provides a more corona-safe flow. It is also easier to control that the children keep a distance of 1.9 m from each other.

Adaptations of the water park to prevent congestion.

Nya omklädningsbås

Our community dressing room has been redone and here two families can now change. We have also built a brand new changing room that is built as a booth where you can change.

We have reduced the number of sun loungers on the sun island and instead set out more sun loungers all over the waterland area.

We have expanded the places where you can wash your hands and put out hand spirit in several places in the yard.

We reserve the right to temporarily close the park or parts of the park if there is a risk of congestion.

We may put a stop to how many we take in, which may mean that the park may be closed to new guests until someone leaves the park. We still do not know how many guests we can receive without congestion. We do ongoing risk analyzes and have put 600 guests as a hypothesis. We have not yet reached that amount or have been in danger of congestion. We will continuously analyze this and also provide information on the website. At the top of the page you see in real time how many guests are in, so it will be easier for you to plan your visit. If there is a problem that we have to close the park, we will develop a system for pre-booking but at present there is no need.


Here we will continuously inform you about what is happening regarding the Corona pandemic!